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IS300: Indexing Conveyors

IS300 Indexing Conveyor


Convertible Timing Belt

Easy to modify when your application changes

A screw-mount system built into the convertible timing belts of our IS300 Conveyors make it easy to change the cleats to fit your application requirements.

Custom Molded Cleats

Designed to fit your product

The cleats can be custom molded to fit your product, allowing for accurate placement every time.

Non-Slip Timing Pulley

Positive belt engagement promotes accuracy

The 22- or 25- tooth timing pulley is always positively engaged with the belt, so there's no slippage of the belt during starts or stops. It also allows for heavier loads.


Warranty & Policies

We are proud to stand behind the conveyors we build for five years. We'll even double our warranty to 10 years when you register your conveyor at warranty – the best in the industry – demonstrates our commitment to quality in every product we sell.

Our conveyors are designed to withstand the demands placed on them in modern industrial applications. Each conveyor is rigorously tested before leaving our factory to ensure quality.

Please see the full warranty details for more information.

Full Warranty Details →

Product Description

A timing belt gives these conveyors the ability to precisely place parts with an accuracy of ±0.015.



Up to 18"

Up to 24'

Up to 2,000 FP




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