Where to find QC Conveyors at Automate 2019

Apr 10, 2019


Automate 2019 is still going strong! In addition to our booth (#8422) — where you can see our new URCap in action — our conveyors are featured in several of our partners' booths, including:

  • Yamaha Robotics Group: Booth #7320 — A backlit conveyor helps their robot determine part orientation for a pick and place operation
  • Omron: Booth #8737 — One AS40 Conveyor moves pallets that are loaded and unloaded by a robot, while other conveyors return parts and pallets back to the beginning of the demonstration
  • Robotiq: Booth #7165 — Our conveyors move parts in a machine tending demonstration and are operated remotely (along with the robot) using their software
  • Nachi Robots: Booth #7551 — One of our conveyors moves parts for a pick and place operation
  • Cognex: Booth #7725 — A backlit conveyor assists with their pick and place operation
  • Yaskawa: Booth #7144 — Robotic pick and place using several different robots and conveyors

If you haven't been by our booth, we have a short video showing the URCap starting and stopping an IS300 conveyor as it indexes for loading and unloading:

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