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AS40 End Drive Conveyor


Control Your Conveyor from Your UR Robot

Our URCap allows you to control your conveyor directly from the Polyscope interface of your UR Robot.

• Start/Stop
• Forward/Reverse*
• Choose Multiple Speeds*

Advanced Gearmotor

The advanced gearmotor includes a driver that connects directly to the digital in and out ports of your UR Robot to allow complete control. Many settings of the motor are available within the driver itself.

Free Download

To install, simply download our URCap, unzip the file and transfer it to your teach pendant using a USB flash drive.

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* Upon installation, user must select between Forward/Reverse Single Speed Operation mode and Single Direction Multiple Speed Operation Mode. Multiple Speed allows user to choose between four speeds preset in the driver.

Compatible Conveyors


URCap Installation & Operation

URCap Installation & Operation

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