Re-designed from the ground up: new aluminum stands now available for Automation Series and Industrial Series Conveyors

Aug 28, 2017

new-stand-diagram-1.jpg We're excited to announce that we've completely redesigned the aluminum stands for our Automation Series and Industrial Series Conveyors. They now feature:

  • Simplified installation process
  • Conveyor is always positively engaged during adjustment
  • Adjustable cross ties that slide to fit the required width
  • Cross ties attach easily using our patent-pending Quick Clamp technology
  • In most cases, fewer stands and/or cross ties are required

"We really liked the way this stand went together!" said one early adopter.

These new stands are now available in our Conveyor Configurator. Our engineering-based rules will make sure you're guided to the perfect configuration of stands for your application, taking into account factors such as load, incline, height and conveyor width.

By moving to a common stand platform, we've been able to take advantage of economies of scale that have — in the vast majority of cases — reduced the overall prices of our stand packages.

Even though stands aren't our primary product, they are an important component of the entire conveyor package. We're excited to offer improvements to their design to enhance both their cost and ease-of-use.

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