How do adjustable guides work around curves?

Jul 09, 2020

Adjustable guides make changeovers from one product size to another quick and painless, but it's not quite obvious how they can be adjusted when dealing with curved conveyors. Here we'll explain how we make it work.
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8 Types of Supports for Flextrac Series Conveyors

Jul 01, 2020

Like our Flextrac Series conveyors, their supports are constucted from common components that can be configured in infinite ways. From stands designed to mount a single conveyor to the floor to supports meant to hang multiple conveyors from the ceiling, a wide variety of options are available to fit any application.
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6 Tips for Maximizing Belt Life

Jun 26, 2020

Conveyor belts are, in general, designed to last a long time. There are some actions you can take, however, to ensure you’re maximizing their life. Following these tips will help to reduce downtime from belt failures and the expense of replacement belts.
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Why our pulleys are crowned

Jun 18, 2020

Both the drive and tail pulleys of all QC Conveyors’ belt conveyors are crowned, meaning they are a slightly larger diameter in the middle than at the ends. This takes advantage of the belt’s natural tendency to track toward the longest part of the conveyor by ensuring the center of the conveyor is longest, making it the most reliable method of tracking a conveyor.
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How to Configure an AS40 Conveyor using the Conveyor Configurator

Jun 11, 2020

QC Conveyors’ online Conveyor Configurator is designed as an easy-to-use tool to help customers find exactly the right conveyor for the application, get a quote and download CAD models. While configuration is intuitive, this guide serves as an introduction for new users and introduces some tips and tricks that may not be as obvious.
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Transferring Product Between Conveyors

Jun 03, 2020

Sometimes a single conveyor is enough to get the job done, but often multiple conveyors are required. Whether it’s to move product at a different speed, around a corner, or merging products from multiple conveyors into a single line, the product must be transferred from one conveyor to another.
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Under Pressure: The Unique Guiding System of CB80 Conveyors

May 26, 2020

CB80 conveyors from our sister company Motion06 offer a unique method of tensioning the edge of the belt that makes them both more reliable and easier to maintain than competing conveyors.
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What is a diagonal beam?

May 19, 2020

A diagonal beam provides a transition between two modular plastic chain conveyors, allowing product to shift seamlessly while the chains are running parallel to each other.
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An Update on Operations During the COVID-19 Situation

May 14, 2020

This video update from QC Conveyors President Dave Endres lays out the steps we've taken to ensure safety and maintain operations in these unprecedented times.
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Types of Tabletop Plastic Chain

May 08, 2020

Modular plastic chain conveyors are infinitely configurable to fit the needs of any application. That configurability goes right down to the chain itself. There are a variety of chains available depending on the product being conveyed, the speeds required and the angle of any elevation changes.
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